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Patient Services

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New patient evaluation -

                Comprehensive evaluation

                This is the evaluation of a new patient or a patient who has not been seen in the practice for more than three years.

This is our opportunity to understand you and your medical concerns, complete inventories of healthy and not-so-healthy body systems, assess your body, assess the best options for care, develop a treatment plan and initiate your care.  This takes time and effort for all of us involved in your care - especially you!


Ongoing patient care -

                Follow up visit

                                This is for the patient who is continuing in the practice.

This is a visit for patients who are seen in follow up.  These visits can be used to medical strategy planning, alteration of the treatment plan, direct hands-on treatment, re-assessment of the patient's progress, recommendations for additional work-up and/or discharge planning.  The patient and physician determine prior to and during the visit how to best spend the time for the patient.  Online forms will assist in the efficiency of the visits.


Management recommendations -


                   This is for development of recommendations for other healthcare practitioners to use in your care.

Most healthcare practitioners establish a treatment plan that they assume will work for the patient.  However, there are times when an objective assessment of the patient and the treatment plan can assist in continuing the present plan or recommendations for altering the plan for success.  This is a category of care to help the patient's ongoing care providers.  Most of the time, this will be a request from the patient's provider with the agreement/consent of the patient.

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