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Dr. John Toerge
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Frequently asked questions:

Where are you located?

BECO West Building

5410 Edson Lane, Suite #350

      at Restore Motion

Rockville, MD 20852

Is parking available?

Yes, paid parking is available - $3 for two hours, $6 for the day.

Do you accept insurance payment?

Our practice is fee-for-service based and out-of-network for all insurance coverage.   


We provide a HCFA form (universal insurance form) for the patient's convenience, but we do not file any insurance claims.

Do you accept Medicare?

No.  Our practice has opted-out of Medicare.                              Therefore, we will not bill Medicare nor should the patient expect to receive reimbursement from Medicare.

Why all the electronics?

The practice is fully electronic based for efficiency and access.  We will use this method to communicate, schedule and provide access to patient information.  This is HIPAA compliant for more security.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Former patients (previous practice, not yet seen in this practice) should contact Dr. Toerge at to receive an invitation from Drchrono (electronic medical record) to access (patient portal).


Returning patients (to this practice) should use to schedule follow up appointments.  Please go directly to versus going from an email or initial invitation.






New patients (to this practice or not seen in the past) should contact Dr. Toerge at to request access to the system.  An invitation from Drchrono will be sent via email to provide access to where the patient enters personal and medical information.  When you sign in, use your birth date and the phone number you supplied or your home phone number (switch phone numbers if one does not work).  Then, an online appointment can be scheduled. 


The patient uses the patient portal ( for most other services and communication from that point forward.

What do I submit to the insurer?

We suggest that you submit the papers you receive at checkout for potential reimbursement.  These include the Office receipt with the practice logo and other physician information, the printed or emailed receipt for payment (from the credit card swipe) and the HCFA (universal insurance) form with your ICD-10 diagnostic codes and the charges for the visit.  Information printed on the HCFA Form will reflect only that information the patient supplies during the on-boarding process.  No insurance information is required nor sought by the practice. 




In addition, Medicare patients must also submit the Medicare Contract with the Practice that indicates you are aware that the practice has opted-out of Medicare.  This will trigger a denial by Medicare that opens the door, potentially, to some reimbursement from the Medicare supplemental plan.  



Our office/practice will not accept any insurance checks or payment from any insurer or Medicare.  These will be returned to the insurer.      

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